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:: Defiance

It is an early call but ‘Defiance’ should be one of the films amongst Oscar nominations in 2009… if it isn’t then there is a serious flaw in Oscar voting as this is an absolutely sensational film. It should be nominated for best film, best director, best screenplay and Daniel Craig should definitely be nominated for best actor. ‘Defiance’ tells a forgotten World War II story about four Jewish brothers, Tuvia Bielski (Daniel Craig), Zus Bielski (Live Schreiber), Asael Bielski (Jamie Bell) and Aron Bielski (George MacKay) who decide they can hide from the Nazis in a Belarussian forest. However when they come across other Jews living in the forest they begin there own community. But soon the brothers find themselves in a power struggle, should they just simply do what it takes to survive or should they start guerilla warfare against the Nazis?

This is the kind of movie that can captivate you from the word go. There is nothing to fault about ‘Defiance’. Writer, Clayton Frohman has worked well with director, Edward Zwick in producing a film that beautiful sets up its script and melds together just the right amount of war, drama, suspense and romance to cater for a wide audience. Zwick also uses the best features of European cinema and mixes them into this Hollywood film in such a way that you can truly call this a film that will attract universal praise. Zwick allows the film to deeply explore the main characters without always using dialogue; a feat that most modern directors have forgotten all about. He also does a wonderful job with the ‘battle’ scenes making them so realistic that you really will jump in the cinema.

Daniel Craig is nothing short of brilliant in ‘Defiance’ and it is good to see him in a role where he can once again show the world that there is more to him than just James Bond. His performance is matched by Jamie Bell, who has recently shown his is an actor with a heap of talent in films such as ‘Hallam Foe’ and ‘The Chumscrubber’. The rest of the cast also puts in brilliant performances and it is great to see Aussie actors, Jacek Koman and Mia Wasikowska putting in such great performances.

‘Defiance’ is a masterpiece of a film that to me is on par with ‘Schindler’s List’ as it delves deeply into a story that people need to know about World War II. This could be the sleeper hit of 2009.