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:: Did You Hear About The Morgans?

So I’m sure you’ve heard about the Morgans. They’re that couple from Manhattan who live the hectic but glamorous lifestyle, glued to their Blackberries and working hundred-hour weeks. Paul Morgan (Hugh Grant) is a corporate lawyer and Meryl Morgan (Sarah Jessica Parker) owns a boutique real-estate firm. From the outset, it seems as though the pair should be very happily married yet they have recently separated after Paul had a one night-stand with another woman without Meryl’s knowledge.

Although the high-powered, fast-paced couple, are at bitter loggerheads, they share one common passion: living in New York. They are both very emotional attached to the city and their lives are firmly entrenched within the sky-scrapers. But that common ground is swiftly stolen from their grasp when they witness the murder of an international arms dealer. The ‘separated’ New Yorkers had only just shared a very awkward dinner date and were walking down a city street when their whole world come tumbling down.

The murderer caught full site of Paul and Meryl and thereafter vowed to catch and kill the two witnesses. After much whining and protesting from the couple, the Federal Police force them into a witness protection program where they have to fly cross-country all the way out to Ray Wyoming, otherwise known as ‘The Cowboy State’.

The Morgans are welcomed into the home of Mr Wheeler (Sam Elliott) and Mrs Wheeler (Mary Steenburgen), a deer-hunting, cow-milking, rifle-shooting rodeo couple who sport a fridge filled with raw meat. Needless to say, Meryl is a vegetation and keen member for PETA.

Mr and Mrs Wheeler teach Paul and Meryl how to live the simple life. They not only teach them how to shoot a rifle but also how to laugh together and how to accept each other’s flaws. Without the distraction of demanding clients, a hectic social calendar or an internet connection, the quarrelling Morgans are soon able to heal the wounds of their bitter relationship.

Hugh Grant seems to be right at home in this movie. He has worked with director Marc Lawrence on both Two Weeks Notice in 2002 and Music and Lyrics in 2007. Grant plays the same goofy yet accidently witty new-age man that he does in the other two Lawrence films.

Sarah Jessica Parker does a stellar job at acting the uptight, uptown New York businesswoman. She plays the same glamorous yet quirky little miss that she plays in Sex and The City. Oh yeah, and she’s looking pretty good too!

In all, it’s a typical throwaway rom-com: easy to watch and delightful to the senses.