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:: Die Hard 4.0

It’s great to see another Die Hard movie hit the screens, twelve years after the previous one. Bruce Willis returns as the cynical and resourceful police officer, John McClane. The story has moved into the modern times of violent terrorism and therefore has a different edge and, in turn, greater sophistication in the style and technology attached to the plot.

The story has McClane being asked to do a favour for the FBI and bring to Washington a computer hacker named Matt Farrell (Justin Long). McClane heroically rescues Farrell from a horde of machine gun wielding assassins. From the FBI he learns that the country is under cyber threat. It’s up to McClane and Farrell (brawn and brains) to track down who is behind the security breach that will potentially wreck systems – Wall Street, transport and power facilities.

The man behind the plot is Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), who had his reputation damaged previously after telling Pentagon chiefs how easy it was to penetrate its “secure” military sites. With ninja girl Mai (Maggie Q) at his side, Gabriel plans to bring America to its knees and, in turn, gain himself significant financial dividends.

The wisecracks are less noticeable but the stunts are spectacular. Sure, the story could be seen as clichéd, but Bruce Willis is at his best, having more depth than your typical action film hero. He is a real character and the energy and wit he displays is masterful. Long plays a capable part also, as a sarcastic kid who accepts McClane’s values. Together they cause mayhem and explosive action.

The film plays on America’s fear of terrorist attacks and computer geniuses who can hack into any system. Die Hard 4.0 succeeds as not a money-making sequel, but as a fun, no-nonsense movie. It’s a genuinely good one for those who want to be entertained.