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:: Dolphins & Whales: Tribes Of The Ocean 3D

Some docos are memorable and some are not… in the case of ‘Dolphins & Whales: Tribes Of The Ocean 3D’, it’s memorable but not as educational as the more-serious doco fans would expect. But if you are looking for a nice little doco that will entertain the kids then look no further than this one.

Director, Jean-Jacques Mantello (‘Sharks 3D’, ‘Ocean Wonderland’) knows how to shoot some good footage but unfortunately he is let down by the technology. At first you are enthralled by the fact that these creatures of the deep seem to be swimming right in front of your face but the 3D technology has some dangers being used underwater. If the creatures move to fast they become blurry and if the water isn’t exactly crystal clear then you can find it hard to work out exactly what you are looking at… not great when this is a doco that is supposed to be giving you a ‘good look’ at dolphins and whales.

The other major flaw is its structure and script. Put together these two things have seriously ‘dumbed’ down the facts that they are trying to getting across… which can be very annoying for the audience. The structure becomes incredibly repetitive and major things like geography and the scale of the creatures are hand are completely ignored. The fact that Daryl Hannah was directed to do some of the narration using a ‘sexy’ voice is also a little off-putting.

The fact that the doco is ‘dumbed’ down makes it accessible for children but is distracting for adults. The 3D does allow you to become closer to dolphins and whales, just don’t expect it to make this doco a must-see. Okay, but could have been a lot better.