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:: Easy A

Easy A, the newest teen comedy straight from Hollywood. Emma Stone is high-schooler Olive (‘I Love’) who, after a little white lie to her best friend about losing her virginity, finds herself in the middle of a new sort of business – you can tell people that we hooked up, and you’ll need to give me a gift-card card, but we actually didn’t. Olive is reading The Scarlet Letter (Nathaniel Hawthorne) in class and her life begins a parallel (of sorts) – complete with a scarlet A attached to her chest.

The truly unique thing was, that despite the overly sexual bustiere and clothing Olive wore, she wasn’t the skank or slut the school body believed. This is really going to show teenagers how the rumour-mill can get it wrong and the consequences of such rumours (true or not). Similarly, the inclusion of Hawthorne’s classic will introduce him to a new generation, which can only be a good thing. The whole film was set out as a web-cam; Olive telling her side of the story. The acts were clearly defined and I really enjoyed the new way to show a movie – something new and fresh.

The one-liners were perfectly timed and the quick wit in the film was hilarious – “ oh that’s in the best-sellers next to Twilight” and “A Gossip Girl in a Sweet Valley of Travelling Pants” (you might have to Google all those references). Furthermore, it pays homage to a host of other classic 80s teen movies – the closing scene on the lawn mower was hilarious. Comic relief in the form of Olive’s parents was really funny and definitely a stand-out. Throw in Amanda Bynes as Marianne, the school’s religious savoir; Lisa Kudrow as the guidance counsellor and Stanley Tucci as Olive’s father and you’ve got this smart, funny, comedy.

My only issue with this movie was Stone herself. Although she was brilliant as Olive, and carried the movie perfectly from start to finish with grace, likeability and charm, I felt she was a little too old to be convincing as a high-school student. Over all, it was a smart film that really brings Stone into her own – go see it.