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:: Failure To Launch

Firstly, let’s define. It’s in the chick flick genre, but in this day in age where guys secretly don’t mind being dragged to a film of this nature, they wont mind it. And there’s paintball scenes and purchasing of guns to keep the macho aspect sorted.

Well basically, Sarah Jessica Parker is wonderful in the film and she satisfies her Post Sex And The City aim - to convey new characterisation. Granted, her character Paula is a paid professional ‘girlfriend’ to get grown up children, especially ones other thirty, out of home. In this film, independence is sought after. People who don’t live at home are perceived to be cool; those who do are ‘losers’ and Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) and his other adult child friends agree, how can they ever get a “keeper” of a girl if they live at home?

If you’ve seen Matthew McConaughey in any of his movies - Maid in Manhattan or How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, you’ll see that his character is this movie is dashingly similar to his other ones - very confident, sometimes arrogant, lazy, with a white toothed smile and Southern charm that ensures he always gets the girl.

Yet, this is getting somewhat tiresome and while McConaughey looks good in his billowing white shirt as he steers a yacht, he really should be following Sarah Jessica Parker’s aim in character expansion.

The best thing about the movie is Sarah Jessica Parker, and her wit and enigmatic sparkle. And for those who loved Sex and the City for Parker’s trend-setting style, in this film Parker is inspiringly simple and elegant - think plain black dresses and white sailing outfits with cute cowboy hats.

There are a couple of weak sub plots going on - Tripp and Paula’s respective best friends have their own romance, and Tripp’s mum (played by the excellent Kathy Bates) and dad (Terry Bradshaw) have an interesting nude fetish that puts a caricature on the notion of parents going wild after their grown up babies leave home.

As much it’s a cringe worthy clich√© to sum up the film, it can be said that the film has a failure to launch any memorable plot.