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:: Flowers of the Night

For the unaware, the lovely Jennifer Linch is not only a director, but also a writer, producer, actress, editor, director of photography and singer. Jennifer has seven years of martial arts training and performs her own stunts. Her cinematic style is identified with Korean action films. She cites Korean comedies as a major influence. It is little wonder that her twelve minute martial arts film “Flowers of the Night” won the Grand Prize at the iCannes International Film Festival - a festival where the winning film will be highlighted through a big social media campaign, granting international media coverage. Furthermore, the winner received a $500 cash prize. This was a great achievement for Jennifer, who is also the president of Sunshine Pictures.

“Flowers of the Night” is a dark action film that mixes exotic beauty and bloody violence. The beauty is in the form of Jennifer Linch and actress/model Morgan Macedo. Flowers of the Night comes right at you, with the hottest cast members, along with sexy, edgy, brutal fight scenes just for your entertainment. Well known actor Tim Neff (Expendable Assets, Johnny & the Rockets) adds his weight as the lead male actor - a dangerous villain. Linch and Neff do all of their own stunts!

The story takes off in graphic novel fashion with a narration that briefly sets up the backstory, focusing on homeless orphans who are taken in and raised to become killer mercenaries with near-limitless money, wealth and influence at their disposal. That all changes when a betrayal ensues and the women, led by an assassin named Lily (Jennifer Linch), escape from their organization with a plan for redemption, and vengeance against their employers. It leads to a very intense finish.

Jennifer ensures a heavy commitment in making the fight scenes as real as possible. None of the action slows down and delivers all of its intended effect with good choreography and cinematography. It's a terrifically impressive piece of filmmaking that Jennifer and co should be very pleased with.