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:: Four Of A Kind

It seems the ‘writing-off’ of the Australian film industry by a number of scribes was very premature indeed. Those scribes now have egg on their faces as a flurry of good Australian films have hit the cinemas this year… the latest being director Fiona Cochrane’s debut feature film ‘Four Of A Kind’. A film that Australian film lovers and fans of Joe Camilleri & The Black Sorrows certainly shouldn’t miss.

‘Four Of A Kind’ tells the story of four women whose lives are intertwined. When Homicide detective Gina Sturrock interviews a prominent surgeon’s wife, Anne Carson (Louise Siversen) over the murder of his pregnant lover, she finds herself remembering a crime from her past. She then re-tells the story to therapist-to-the-rich-and-famous, Glenda Hartley (Gail Watson) whose own life has been thrown into turmoil as she suspects her partner might be having an affair and that her best friend, Susan Riley (Nina Landis) might be a blackmailer… or worse still a murderer. The stories intertwine in a way that the audience certainly won’t see coming.

As far as a crime drama goes the story contained in ‘Four Of A Kind’ holds up very well. It is easily better than most of the crime-dramas that grace our TV screens, as Helen Collins’ script takes an in-depth look into the character’s lives, and the characters show emotion and appear 3-D, very different to the cardboard cutouts that we are used to having to endure in this genre.

Another standout in ‘Four Of A Kind’ is the acting. While many would say that the film’s lack of ‘star-power’ may put it behind the eight-ball, but instead it actually seems to enhance the film. With no Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts or even Rebecca Gibney in sight, the audience gets to know the characters without being distracted by the star behind the persona. The only thing that does let down ‘Four Of A Kind’ is the fact that some of the scenes do run a fraction too long, and seem even longer by the fact that Fiona Cochrane and her crew use the standard camera-shots that all film students are taught in their first year classes.

If you are in the mood for a good character driven crime drama then you could do a lot worse then going to see ‘Four Of A Kind’.