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:: Funny People

Judd Apatow has always been a hit and miss director for me. I hadn’t yet fully embraced him as the comic genius that most people class him as. ‘Funny People’ has changed that for me. If a comedy is going to run 148 minutes it can’t be just funny, it has to be damn funny. Luckily for Apatow the latter is the case for ‘Funny People’.

George Simmons (Adam Sandler) is a comedian that has it all. He can put any old crap up on the screen and it will make him millions, and he can have any woman he wants. But when he learns he is dying he hires young comedian, Ira Wright (Seth Rogen) as his assistant. As Simmons tries to say goodbye to the people in his life he meets up his ex-fiancee, Laura (Leslie Mann) who is married to the very Aussie, Clarke (Eric Bana)

Everything Apatow touches with this script is comedy gold. His characters are well-rounded, the one liners will have you laughing and he even manages to pull off a ton of cameos without cheesiness creeping in. In fact the Eminem/Ray Romano stoush in one of the funniest parts of the film. Apatow’s in depth look at friendship here reveals him as a serious filmmaker. I now see him as the legend the others have hailed him to be.

There are three standout acting performances in ‘Funny People’. Adam Sandler is amazing. Yes it’s largely a comedy but the role of George Simmons would have been a tough role for Sandler to tackle. Seth Rogen also shows how he has matured as an actor while Eric Bana shines in his first comedy role in years. Nearly every line Bana delivers has you on the floor in laughter.

‘Funny People’ is an amazing comedy. Its laughs don’t let up and it is obviously one of the funniest films of the year. Add those laughs to the performances of Sandler, Rogen and Bana and you are certainly on to a winner.