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:: G-Force

When the synopsis of a film consists of the words ‘guinea pigs’ and ‘superheroes’ you can you may think you are heading into a major disaster, but I dare anyone to take a look at ‘G-Force’ and not laugh at least a couple of times. And while the story will entertain, visually it looks great. This is one time where the mix of animation and real-life footage works well… and it looks even better in 3-D.

‘G-Force’ is the story of a group of guinea pigs who have been trained to work as spies. Their group is made up of the leader, Darwin (voiced by Sam Rockwell), weapons expert, Blaster (Tracey Morgan), martial arts expert, Juarez (Penelope Cruz), a spying flu, Mooch and a computer expert mole, Speckles (Nicholas Cage). But when the Government decides to close down the unit, they all escape out into the real world… desperate to prove that they are needed. When evil millionaire, Leonard Saber (Bill Nighy) decides to try and take over the world G-Force with the help of Hurley (Jon Favreau) try to stop him and give themselves a future.

Jerry Bruckheimer is sure on a winner here. A fluffy animal in a kids film is like printed money. You just know that you are going to see guinea pig toys and Happy Meals everywhere. While there is no questions over the fact that ‘G-Force’ will entertain children, as an adult you do find yourself getting tired of the story as it goes on. The characters and the humour are great but the ending can be seen a mile off and Bill Nighy simply reminds you of a bad James Bond bad guy.

Visually, Hoyt Yeatman has pulled off a great looking film. So often mixing CG-animation with real-life actors fails miserably but here it works really well. It’s just unfortunate that all of actors seem to have been briefed to over act. Wide facial expressions, slap stick and over use of emotion grows tired very quickly, and it actually does seem at times like even the humans are CG as well. Sometimes you find yourself wondering why Bill Nighy would even agree to do the film.

‘G-Force’ is a great film for kids but adults do need to be warned that your interest will start to drop off as the film goes on, largely due to the fact that it seems as the film goes on the storyline seems to dip into something so stereotypical that you can pick the ending a mile off. Okay for a laugh and looks great, just don’t expect a lot of substance.