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:: American Pie 2

A couple of interesting changes occurred in the making of this sequel. The “force” behind American Pie, brothers Chris and Paul Weitz, have only Executive Producer credits, indicating a low level of involvement. The director is James B Rogers, who was the first assistant director for American Pie. This is his second feature; his debut being the ordinary “Say It Isn’t So”. Virtually everyone from the first film returns for the sequel, although some of the pretty faces (Shannon Elizabeth and Tara Reid) aren’t shown as much this time. Only Alyson Hannigan, who plays band camp babe Michelle, has significant on-screen time.

All the guys are back, including Jim (Jason Biggs), his sensitive big-guy friend Oz (Chris Klein) and his normal buddy Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas). The gang returns home after their first year of college. Most sequels have a way of losing their spark. But that doesn’t occur here. It is unusual to bring back virtually the entire cast. The acting is not all that vital. It is more important that the jokes are good. It is tailor-made for the summer and obviously is geared towards a youth market. If you liked the first movie, you won’t be disappointed with American Pie 2. It will attract new admirers and though idiotic in parts, has a heart with some genuine touching moments.

The writer, Adam Herz, has an uncanny knack of turning the most predictable situations into slices of fresh comedy magic. The life of the film is Stifler (Seann William Scott), a ladies man, whose sole purpose in life is to have sex and party hard. His facial expressions are memorable. The other cast members are fine, including Eugene Levy who reprises the father role beautifully. And Jason Biggs looks more comfortable in this role than he has with his other films.

Overall, think of band camp, lesbians, golden showers, tantric sex, masturbation, and general gross teen humour, and American Pie 2 covers them all, and it culminates in a great party. The film gives you a chance to use your imagination in a number of occasions while sprinkling in the sight gags. The music is good and well selected, and the film didn’t drag. It’s a funny, laugh-out-loud comedy. Pland are afoot for another American Pie in a couple of years.

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