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:: Austin Powers In Goldmember

The third instalment of the Austin Powers series of films offers the same successful mix of what’s occurred previously: celebrity cameos, lavatory humour, and accurate parodies of pop culture. It’s a bigger production with an all-action humorous spoof sequence at the beginning featuring some familiar Hollywood faces. Soon, we are introduced to the characters from the previous Austin Powers film and the preposterous plot (What else could it be?) sets in motion.

Mike Myers does the trick again by reprising Austin Powers, Dr Evil, and Fat Bastard, and playing the new villain Goldmember, a Dutchman whose prized objects are made out of gold. Dr Evil helps Goldmember kidnap Austin’s father, Nigel Powers (Michael Caine). The two villains are planning to destroy the world with a “tracker beam” that would pull in an asteroid to Earth and melt the polar ice caps, thereby flooding the world while Dr Evil lives beneath the ocean in his underwater lair.

Austin tracks his father to 1975 where he meets Foxy Cleopatra (Beyonce Knowles), an undercover agent trying to arrest Goldmember for the murder of her partner. The two combine to make a formidable team.

Myers has the comedic talent to pull off the new and old jokes and is the reason why the film works. Beyonce Knowles is a revelation. The Destiny’s Child star shows her sex appeal and her acting ability is refreshing. She is very comfortable in the role and probably could have been used even more; such is her attitude and comic timing. Seth Green returns as Dr Evil’s son Scott Evil. He is seeking respect from his father and shows a different side in taking greater responsibilities during Dr Evil’s absence. Seth’s chemistry with Mike Myers works well.

Viewers will find this infectious in the way Myers creates characters and executes the sequences. Never mind the old gags and some grossed-out humour. We see the goofily exaggerated plot twists and reaction shots. It made me laugh a good deal. There is a head-scratching last twenty minutes that promises a fourth instalment in the series. Goldmember should certainly satisfy those seeking a laugh.

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