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:: Better than Sex

What could be better than meeting an attractive guy at a party who‘s going overseas in three days? No strings attached, a one-night stand without the burden of waiting for the phone to ring for weeks afterwards - surely every modern single girl's dream? Well this intimate look at a couples’ one night that develops into something much more takes a stab at exploring what is better than sex – only trouble is, we never get to see it. What we do get to see is the three days of sex, discovery and developing intimacy and it looks like loads of fun.
The film is a well scripted, well shot and well acted urban tale that is especially relevant as a panacea to all that America has to offer us as commentary on today‘s society, morals and relationships. Even the relatively progressive 'Sex in the City’ is placed in its true glossy context by the genuine performances, realistic settings and a script you can't help but relate to. Not only do you recognise these people, you quite possibly know them.
Cin (Susie Porter) and Josh (David Wenham) meet at a party, they're both attracted to each other and wind up sleeping together. A proposition made all the more attractive by the fact that wildlife photographer Josh leaves the country in three days. One night inevitably leads to three and as the couple spar, sleep, eat and shag their way round Cin's very groovy inner city Sydney warehouse apartment, we discover their fears, dreams and insecurities unfolding just as they do.
What could have been a very claustrophobic film is relieved by clever editing, direct to camera commentary by Cin, Josh and their opinionated friends, as well as the spaciousness of the apartment. Whilst it's essentially a two-actor show, Catherine McClements as Cin's flirty friend Sam and Kris McQuade as Josh's laconic taxi-driving guardian angel provide some lovely on-screen moments.
There‘d only be a handful of actors who could have pulled this film off - thankfully for the filmmakers, David Wenham and Susie Porter are two of them. No doubt this film will be adapted to the theatre as the perfect actors’ proving ground - it's easy to stage and a pleasure to act, well. Cast and crew obviously had a ball with this film and it shows. It's clever, sophisticated, elegant and witty, and whilst there were moments of panic during production in terms of funding and finance, it never winds up looking cheap. Better than Sex is better than most.