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:: Bowling For Columbine

Fasten your seatbelts boys and girls! This time Mr. Tell It Like It Is gives us the lowdown on America's culture of guns and violence. Awfully apt within the current political climate, Bowling For Columbine observes a number of issues relating to the U.S and it's history of violence through the ages.

Focusing on the Columbine High School murders and other acts of its kind in recent times, Moore investigates why Americans are turning guns on themselves and points an accusing finger at the government's blatant lack of gun control. The film opens with Moore opening a bank account in a backward country town and walking out with a brand new rifle, makes its first point about the ludicrous nature of gun ownership in the U.S. Where else in the world would you be given a weapon for banking with a particular financial institution?!

The documentary contains interviews with a variety of relevant individuals including Charlton Heston (world renowned actor and president of the National Rifle Association of America), Matt Stone (South Park co-creator), Marilyn Manson (gothic rock god), two of the Columbine High School massacre
survivors, the merchandising officer for K-Mart in the States, school teachers, parents, the list goes on.

Moore also has plenty to say about the role the media plays in fuelling the fear that riddles U.S. society and even travels to Canada to discover why up north people actually seem safer and calmer within their communities. The effects of social disillusionment, corporate persuasion and government irresponsibility are also looked at in depth and some very interesting and incriminating discoveries are made.

In Bowling For Columbine, Moore takes you on a journey of discovery. He feeds the audience information as he collects it, offering it to them in an uncomplicated and cohesive manner. His questions make sense, but the answers are a little more evasive, leaving you thinking about the film for days afterwards. Does fear within society actually assist the powers that be with their political and commercial agendas? Are these youths really just copying behaviours seen in movies? Should every Tom, Dick and Harry be able to purchase ammunition and firearms over the counter at K-Mart? Bowling For Columbine will shock many but educate all. Don't be put off thinking the entire film is presented as a gut-wrenching tragedy, though. In true Mike Moore style, sarcasm and satire make the information easier to absorb with animations and amusing sequences lightening the mood considerably.

You can make up your own mind but you must see this.

Screening at the KinoDendy Cinemas, Cinema Nova, George Cinemas, Cinema Europa