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:: Broken Wings (knafayim Shvurot)

Broken Wings is the first feature of Israeli director, Nir Bergman. It follows the struggles of a family trying to cope with the tragic and almost absurd death of the father. It is nine months later and the mother and her four children are virtually estranged from each other, each retreating into their own way of coping, or not coping. The oldest, Maya, is struggling with her role as quasi adult, having to take care of the others while their mother works shifts at the hospital. Her brother Yair is no help, having erected a barrier of sarcasm that deflects all emotions. The two youngest children, Ido and Bar feel their families pain and are even less well equipped to deal with it. It takes another crisis to bring them back together and show them that they still have each other and that’s worth living for.

Broken Wings is an unabashed tearjerker, each actor ably bringing a world of pain to their expressions. It has the air of an Israeli Mike Leigh film, with naturalistic performances and an almost documentary like feel. An intelligent melodrama it finishes on a note of much needed hope. We know this family will survive.

Nir Bergman was born in Haifa, Israel in 1969 and graduated from Jerusalem’s film school in 1998 with an award winning short film, Sea Horses. He has since directed a documentary and co written a television series in Israel. Broken Wings has won nine Israeli Academy Awards as well as Best Film at the Tokyo International Film festival 2002 and Best Debut Feature at the Palm Springs International Festival 2003.