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:: CUT

After much lead-up and preparation, this is the debut movie for Australia’s Mushroom Pictures. The producers have undertaken great efforts in reaching this milestone and it was felt that a teenage slasher movie, in the footsteps of the “Scream” stories, would appeal to a wide international audience, especially as the genre had enjoyed a recent revival. Australia had never produced a horror movie in this vein that could provide an intelligent and humorous twist for the teen market. Therefore, Cut is a worthwhile effort in capturing this spirit. The main function of the movie is entertainment value and, right from the opening credits, where a Mushroom cloud destroys Sydney and the Harbour Bridge, the audience is in for an interesting time.
The story revolves around a group of film students who attempt to remake a slasher flick “Hot Blooded” which was shelved for twelve years because people died during its making. For the film to gain an international flavour, producers sought a big name to instil some worldly spice around the remaining Australian cast. 1980s teen flick star Molly Ringwald fitted the bill, and she is doubly cast as Vanessa and Chloe. Vanessa is an American actress who played the character of sixteen-year-old Chloe in the original flick. Australia’s pop music queen Kylie Minogue has the small role as Hilary Jacobs, the outstanding young director, cut down in her prime during the making of that original film.
Then it turns to the young filmmakers to undertake the finish of “Hot Blooded”. Leading the way is the assertive Raffy (Jessica Napier) who, with the spirited Hester (Sarah Kants), remains undaunted by previous events in her desire to complete the task. She lured Vanessa back to reprise her role amid some nervousness. It is soon apparent that the road to complete the film is facing the same masked phenomenon wreaking havoc. Amongst the gruesome blood and terrifying screams lies a quirky humour. Cut works well in poking fun at the slasher genre with a funny explanation of the “Hot Blooded” curse. The film is well paced and entertaining, and viewers should observe the subtleties of the action more than taking too much notice of the dialogue. A couple of little gaffes don’t really spoil it too much and the young Australian actors will obviously learn from the experience. The gorgeous Jessica Napier plays the determined and gutsy heroine, ala Neve Campbell in Scream, in such an assured fashion that she seems set to become a big star in Australian cinema. Her fellow cast members work well, and having big names such as Molly Ringwald and Kylie Minogue provides extra spark.
Cut shows that this is, perhaps, the film that Australia had to have. It is not outstanding in quality, but the benefits in providing future film investment opportunities cannot be denied. With 90 percent of worldwide territories buying rights to the film prior to its release, it gives impetus to the producers for the future making of entertaining films for the audience. Many Australian films have been critically acclaimed but have lacked the “bums on seats” to be viable. It will be a welcome fillip for the film industry. Credit to director Kimble Rendall for delivering what the young target audience wants. Audiences should enjoy this teen horror flick and appreciate the special effects, the inventive deaths, and the capable young cast. It’s all nicely tongue-in-cheek.