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:: D-Tox

When FBI agent Jake Malloy finds his angelic girlfriend strung up from their dining room ceiling by the cop-killer he has been chasing, he cannot get passed the fact that he wasn’t there to protect her. In fact, he was the cause of her death, as it seems the killer was personally avenging himself against Malloy. Denied his own revenge when he chases the killer only to find him hanging from the rafters of a deserted warehouse, Malloy slumps into an alcoholic stupor. And why wouldn’t you? An attempted suicide off-screen…end of movie?

Unfortunately not. There are still 90 minutes of violence and psychological torture. Malloy is transported to a cop D-Tox centre in the middle of the wilderness in Wyoming. He and 10 other damaged and addicted law enforcers are to be dried out and reformed (at least they’re off the streets). Demons will be shaken out and released and then they can all go back to fighting crime. When a blizzard hits and more cops start ending up dead, Malloy recognises a signature to the killings. Is his cop-killer really dead? Given his chance to finally revenge his girlfriend’s death Malloy comes out fighting in true Stallone fashion.

This film is full on! The performances are fine, although I spent a lot of time grimacing at the violence and waiting for the next horrific murder so I was too distracted to really engage with the characters. This is a truly disturbing film and I was glad it was daylight when I got out. For Stallone fans, violence lovers and those who just want to feel a bit worse about humanity, this film is a must; others might be better off staying home.