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:: Donnie Darko

This is the latest film by Adam Field’s production company. Donnie Darko is a highly intelligent but disturbed teenager. He also has an imaginary friend, Frank, who is a six foot bunny. Following Frank’s call in the middle of the night Donnie leaves his room and escapes death when a five thousand pound jet engine falls from the sky landing on hi bed. Frank informs Donnie that ‘the world is coming to an end.’ Frank reappears revealing the mysteries of the universe and telling Donnie that he has a destiny to fulfil. Life has always been a puzzle to Donnie and this added piece only confirms the confusion.

Strange things start happening in the town, the school is flooded and a statue vandalized. Donnie has been led in a sleepwalker’s state by Frank to perform these acts. The community rallies against these attacks. As Frank continues his visits Donnie starts to uncover the hypocrisy of the town workings and realises that nothing is random and he has the power to change the outcome.

This film is incredibly powerful and is an insightful commentary on American life in a small town. The performances are fantastic especially from Jake Gyllenhaal as Donnie. It has got a lot of attention internationally and is really worth a watch. It is something special.

Screening at Cinema Nova