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:: Don't Say A Word

Reputable New York psychiatrist Dr Nathan Conrad (Michael Douglas) takes on a unique case that threatens the safety of his normal family. Don’t Say A Word makes this psychiatrist the hero, while his perfect home life is disrupted with the kidnapping of his young daughter. The love and recuperation of a female with a mental illness will captivate the audience, likewise charmed by an upfront female detective working on the holiday.

The American use of therapy and the mental health system may be questioned with this story of a young girl about to be sentenced to a life of institutionalisation, after she had been passed from one asylum to another with bad diagnosis of the cause of her condition. Her psychic disorder illustrated through melodramatic monologue is appropriately analysed by psychiatric wonder boy Dr Conrad. His method of counsel uses toy prop prompt, and may be compared to the malpractice of past doctors and the use of drugs.

The 18-year-old female mental patient Elizabeth (Brittany Murphy / Clueless, Girl Interrupted) had witnessed the death of her father and sole guardian years before. Her attitude toward male doctors and knowledge of her growing body will distract all those but the clear thinking mind of pseudo father psychiatrist. While kept young by hospitalisation, she is attractive and, a display of her reactions in psychiatric sessions proves a love for the female with mental illness.

Piecing together the criminal case of the story is gutsy detective Sandra Cassidy (Jennifer Esposito). Although working on the weekend, her case conscientiousness extends beyond her jurisdiction as she follows the death of a female from site and autopsy to report writing stage and her injury. This job pride and purpose may also be seen in her claim to responsibility of ‘my missing persons’, while it is also part of police lingo. While the pretty woman will defend sexist statements, she can be seen to use a sex acknowledgment in her case for ‘Jane Doe’. This slang is acceptable for a cop, and the policewoman who gets the job done.

This American Story set in New York interrupts Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving parade. US locations include Brooklyn, Central Park, Chinatown, the subway and an island cemetery of unidentified bodies. The criminals watch scoring moments of a game of baseball before robbing a bank. Inside the mythical Bridgeview Psychiatric Hospital, said to be modelled on New York’s Bellevue Hospital, Elizabeth may view the cityscape.

The dissection of Elizabeth’s past under the control of a team of criminals makes Don’t Say A Word a story set to pace, with the events completed over the weekend. Look out for syringe drugs, a broken leg and the criminal’s search for a diamond.

Screening on general release