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:: Driven

Driven is the latest vehicle of writer/producer/performer Sly Stallone. The effort and money put into the sets is impressive and the footage of racing…the real-McCoy. Shot over 8 months at international racing championships, it includes the fastest car chase and racing sequences ever filmed!

Following the rivalry between top racer Beau Brandenburg ( Til Schweiger) and talented but undisciplined new comer Jimmy Bly (Kip Pardue) we are introduced to the self-obsessed emotional world of racing. With the pressure of competition building Brandenburg attempt to remove all distraction Brandenburg dumps fiancée Sophia (Estella Warren) who is in turn quickly picked up by Bly. This intensifies the tension in the Bly Camp, especially with controlling manager/brother DeMille (Robert Sean Leonard), as it seems that Bly’s lack of focus will cause him to fail to make the cut. Car owner Carl Henry (a wheel chair bound Burt Reynolds) impatient with Bly’s slipping performance brings back former champion Joe Tanto (Stallone) to coach or provoke a change in attitude. This begins a journey or recovery for Tanto, who holds a lot of anger from his tumble from glory and also of forgiveness to ex-wife Cathy and her new husband/old racing partner Memo Moreno(Christian De La Fuente). Gina Gershon plays Cathy brilliantly and her performance of the acid-tongued trash queen is perfectly placed.

What happens next does little to break any stereotypes but if you have a passion for racing this film might be your cup of tea, even if just for the action sequences. But be warned the story drags and has some rather clichéd emotional scenes. Watch for the scene between Warren and Pardue and note the similarity in lip profile, have they been visiting the same collagen consultant?