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:: Enigma

During World War II the foundation of German military and intelligence communication was the Nazi Enigma Code. One of the crucial turning points of World War II was in March 1943. The team of code breakers at Bletchley Park is faced by their ultimate challenge. After determining how to break the Nazi’s code it is unexpectedly changed making it impossible to understand their communications and track the location of their U-boats. With 10,000 men crossing the Atlantic in merchant ships the gamble of being able to break the code before they are intercepted and destroyed seems unwinnable. The situation calls for the return of Tom Jericho (Dougray Scott) the genius among geniuses but he is a broken man after he falls for and is left by the alluring but Claire who has just disappeared. He discovers from her housemate, Hester, (Kate Winslet) that there is a mystery behind Claire’s life and as they start to piece the puzzle together they discover what has been in front of their eyes all along.

The screenplay written by Tom Stoppard was adapted from the best-selling novel by Robert Harris. It is homage to the espionage thriller of the 1940s; director Michael Apted has created an intelligent and entertaining film. Whether it is historically accurate or not is another question. But is this relevant?

Screening at Cinema Europa and the Rivoli Cinemas