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:: Freddy Got Fingered

MTV icon Tom Green co-writes, directs and stars in a film he calls “a touching story of a young man who desperately wants to make his daddy proud”. When 28 year old Gord (Green) decides he wants to be an animator, he gets a job at a cheese factory to pay the bills and tries unsuccessfully to pitch his idea about an animated TV show to a producer. Dispirited, he quits his job, returning home to live in his parent’s basement. His father (the incredible Rip Torn) is neither proud, nor amused. Dad thinks Gord should stop doodling, get a real job and get the hell out of the house.

This film is not based on Tom Green’s life, however actual events during his rise to fame did inspire some ideas for the film. Five years ago Green, 24 was living in his parents basement in Canada. His father a military man who had been working since the age of sixteen, couldn’t understand why his son was still living at home, wasting his time trying to get a TV show up about himself when Tom should have been out looking for a real job.

The storyline in general is somewhat confusing and really just gets in the way of Tom Green style pranks. Between doodling and attempts at repitching his animated show, we find Gord on a country road pulling over at a stud ranch so he can eat his sandwich whilst watching horse’s fornicating at an intimate distance. He graphically helps out one stage. Later he finds a dead deer on the road, cuts the animal open, and dances whilst tasting the animals innards the innards. There’s blood and guts all over him, but he seems to be enjoying it.

While Tom and his best friend, Darren are skateboarding, Darren falls incurring a gaping wound at his knee. Tom furiously and graphically licks Darren's wound. Why is not clear, but its distressing watching him. Tom visits his Darren in hospital and whilst there the woman in the next be goes into labor. Tom comes to the rescue by delivering the baby, blood, guts and all. Now however, any sense of normalcy is erased from the scene. Tom grabs the umbilical cord, which is still attached to mother and baby, and lassos the baby, using the umbilical cord as rope above his head in cowboy style.

Next we find out that Gord’s girlfriend Betty, an amateur rocket scientist confined to a wheelchair is a nymphomaniac. She also has some bizarre ideas about foreplay that involve a bamboo stick. After Tom pooh-poohs her attempts at rocket science, she makes a breakthrough and is seen on the news. Tom learns a valuable lesson from Betty that if you persist in following you dreams you will achieve them.

Lastly, Gord accuses his Dad of sexually abusing (albeit our title) Freddy, his adult brother. It’s not true. Dad denies it and Freddy denies it. This is just the last in a line of fanciful and ridiculous situations coming out of left field.

Tom Green’s humour is certainly particular and by societies standards involves confronting, sick, psychotic and tasteless behaviour often involving blood and splatter. The effect is to confront the audience with taboos that are presented in a comic form. Whilst you do laugh, you squirm, feeling you have violated a societal pact by laughing at the consecration of such things as sex, birth, death and incest. Many people will find this film offensive, whilst others will laud its brilliance in turning all that is sacred into a bloody farce, so questioning our beliefs.

Screening at Hoyts Cinema Centre