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Fans of the Three Stooges rejoice. Violent poke-em-in-the-eye, burn-‘em-in-the-oven and crack-them-in-the-nuts comedy has returned to the big screen. Since the seminal slapstick 'Young Ones’ series leant out of the TV screen and slapped audiences in the face over 15 years ago, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson have been belting each other ever since. Remember, in particular, the classic ‘Comic Strip Presents, 'Filthy, Rich and Catflap’‘, and their more recent incarnations as Eddie and Richie in 'Bottom’.
The pair run a shady seaside hotel that makes Fawlty Towers look like The Hilton. Richie (Rik Mayall) runs the joint and indulges his lewd and lascivious fantasies using stolen underwear, and intimidates the guests to the point of hysteria. Eddie (Adrian Edmondson) is slightly milder, due to the fact that he's constantly inebriated and is slightly easier to watch on screen - every one of Richie’s facial expressions can cause you to squirm in your seat. Various disasters befall the pair, including nuclear waste, mass food poisoning, a painful encounter with a nipple ring and Italian movies stars, and a mass slime-green projectile vomit frenzy which, puts Monty Python's dinner scene to shame, culminating in a highly unsatisfactory escape to paradise.
Directed by Adrian Edmondson, this film is rife with special effects and painful pratfalls, which achieve a distinctly ramshackle and uncomfortable self indulgent boy’s own adventure. The rapport between the two actors is priceless, and it's only through their long standing relationship can they know what to push and what they can get away with. The meat and potatoes of this film are conspicuously absent, but instead string together endless gags, pratfalls and surprises. A nice touch is classic British comedienne and beauty Fenella Fielding, who steals the show as the female equivalent of The Fawlty Towers bumbling, drunken Major. Should make a great beer and pizza video.