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:: Ghost World

Based on a comic book of the same name, Ghost World is as teen flick with a twist. Ditching the all too familiar themes of beauty, popularity and superficiality seen in most teen comedies of late, director Terry Zwigoff has taken the oddball approach with his latest film and created a thought provoking portrayal on the world as unique outsiders.

Misfits by nature, best friends Enid and Rebecca graduate from high school not knowing where they want to go or what they want to do. Rebecca is determined to move out with Enid into an apartment downtown whilst Enid finds herself being tied up into attending a summer art class leaving their friendship in the balance. When curiosity gets the better of Enid after an adolescent prank, she befriends lonely record collector, Seymour (Buscemi) and a friendship is formed. A movie about being different, Ghost World explores themes of social satisfaction and modern day monoculture.

Unfortunately, at times the story leaves the viewer a little bewildered and some performances come across a little rubbery. Without writing the film off completely, Ghost World certainly does deal with some thought-provoking themes, however obscure, in an angst/nerdy and slightly off-centre kind of way. A little arduous for my liking.

Screening at the George Cinemas, Kino Cinemas, and Cinema Nova