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:: Invisible Circus

A sister travels to Europe to come to terms with the suicide of her older sibling who died during a holiday seven years before. Its 1976 and at graduating age Bean (Jordana Brewster) evaluates her life in the shadow of memories of her outgoing sister (Cameron Diaz). Based on a novel by Jennifer Egan, The Invisable Circus is both the story of a coming of age consciousness for Bean, and the rise of a global protest against authority.

Bean is the opposite of her adventurous sister and the trip abroad is one of her first steps out of her family home. Following the journey of the older sister through postcards sent from each destination, Bean travels though Europe to uncover answers to Faith's suicide. During the journey an unacknowledged jealousy of Faith develops, stemming from Bean's father's favouritism of the older sister. Through fascination with her story the younger girl looks at Faith and her hippy friends with a distance and admiration. Faith's first boyfriend Wolf bought an older male to the sister relationship, acting as an older brother to Bean in her younger years.

During the Vietnam War, Faith and pacifist Wolf join a rise of student protests against the US government. Faith is kicked out, arrested and part of an active movement. They involve themselves in political performance groups. Pranks include crashing a US ambassador’s dinner in France and drowning guests in feathers. Things got dangerous when Faith became involved in the infamous Red Army extremist group. When she had been thrown out of that group after messing up on an assignment, she joined another group of terrorists with foundations in the Nazi movement. It is her demise that places moral tones on protest, a mere romanticism of Faith's character that is trapped in a story of the past.

This story of The Invisable Circus and protestor against establishment was produced before the September 2001 terrorist events in America and can be seen to highlight nostalgia for the 60s/70s protests and a life of freedom.