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:: Jackass: The Movie

Borne from the television series of the same name, Jackass: The Movie is yet another example of how, within contemporary culture, big money maketh the film, not big ideas. Financially backed by MTV and popular skater culture magazine, Big Brother, this film is a legacy to idiots, consisting solely of the most offensive, ridiculous, dumbfounding and inane stunts you could ever possibly imagine. No great scholars were involved in the making of this pop culture creation; you can be rest assured of that!

Made up of a bunch of short sketches, the film stars a troupe of self-deprecating crazies, hell-bent on starting a commotion. Whether within the confines of a hotel room, private residence or out and about on the street, the cast reveal nearly an hour of madcap antics that will leave you revolted and more than a little disturbed. In a style not dissimilar to that of Tom Green and the Tokyo Shock Boys, prepare to be repulsed by the extent to which these guys will go. Many of the sketches feature bizarre happenings
rarely (if ever) attempted before and with warnings placed at the beginning and end of the film, discourage them from being attempted again. Obviously disinterested in moral obligation, this addition would have more to do with evading lawsuits than anything else.

Thematically, the film revolves around poo, wee, penises and dangerous animals plus you'll see a few of the guys having a spew, that is, provided you hang around long enough. If you've ever wanted to witness someone bungying from a tree in their undies, eating a snowball soaked in urine or snorting lines of wasabi then Jackass: The Movie is right up your alley. Speaking of which, you'll see that too!!

For fear of paying out on the film completely, it must be noted that it also features a killer soundtrack consisting of numbers by The Ramones, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Slayer and The Misfits. Unfortunately, for the most part, these do make way for the uncontrollable fits of Beavis and Butthead-esque giggles that accompany each ‘gag’ as the half-witted entourage looks on. Needless to say, in over eighty minutes I literally laughed twice.

Now, while it all sounds thumbs down, I feel I must give credit where its due- besides, for a group of lads with bad taste and worse manners, they really have done well in getting their thing from the world of ‘anything goes’ television onto the cinema screens of mainstream America. The content may not be for the faint hearted but nevertheless this genre of film, if nothing else, is testimony to the changing face of cinema culture and its audiences and therefore probably does deserve a look in.

Overall, this film is not something to take the girlfriend to. Unless, that is, she's the kind that would get a kick out of watching the stupidity of a group of grown men with too much cash and time on their hands. Although, a far cry from the kind of comedy that will have you doubling over in laughter
from start to finish, Jackass: The Movie will certainly have you revolted in ways that really have to be seen to be believed.

Screening on general release.