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:: Jalla! Jalla! (the Best Man's Wedding)

Best Man's Wedding is a Swedish romantic comedy that centres on the lives of two friends; Roro (Fares Fares) and Mans (Torkel Petersson). Both employed by the city council as parks maintenance workers, they each find themselves dealing with some rather perplexing issues within their romantic

Roro, from a Lebanese background, is hard-pressed by his family into marrying Yasmin (Laleh Pourkarim), a Lebanese suitor, despite the fact that he is very much in love with his Swedish girlfriend, Lisa (Tuva Novotny). As a favour to Yasmin, Roro enlists in the charade and agrees to play the part of fiancée but only on the condition that the engagement is broken off before the wedding. His relationship with Lisa is consequently put through its paces and what follows is a hilarious insight into social customs and traditions, all of which place Roro in numerous tricky situations.

Meanwhile, clean-shaven Swede, Mans, has his hands well and truly full with intimate troubles of his own. Not able to satisfy his long-term girlfriend, Mans goes through a sexuality crisis of mammoth proportions leaving him out of control of his life and his actions. In a very amusing scene involving an adult bookstore, Mans' desperation is fully evident as he scours the shelves for a solution to his debilitating problem.

At times quite sexy, in a cheeky kind of way, bizarre love circumstances play it out uninhibited. Dealing with ethnic tradition in a truthful yet satiric manner, Best Man's Wedding has a storyline that will melt even the hardest of hearts.

With a proportion of the cast closely related to its young Swedish/Lebanese director, energetic performances by all make for an amusing ride. Only twenty-three years old and still undergoing film school, Josef Fares has done well with a great idea, a unique cast and a video camera. The Best Man's Wedding is something easy if you're in for a foreign film that's a little on the lighter side.

Screening at Cinema Como and Cinema Nova