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:: Just Married

A chance meeting and instant love results in rich American girl Sarah McNerney (Brittany Murphy) and sports-mad radio host Tom Leezak (Ashton Kutcher) getting married. They are very young and, despite protests from family and friends, go through with exchanging vows and head to Europe for their honeymoon. Tom loves his sports and met Sarah by accidentally hitting her with an American football while playing in the park with friends. Sarah’s family believes she deserves better than Tom.

Normally, this would be a dream honeymoon. Travelling to Europe and staying at the best hotels in Italy and France would be a great feeling. Things go astray as soon as the couple reach the skies. Tom gets his foot stuck in the airplane toilet during an intimate moment. It is the start of a slapstick adventure, mostly troubling, as they become involved in various disruptions at their hotel, through naivety.

The stresses make the differences between the newlyweds more apparent. Sarah likes to do the tourist trail, seeing old churches and galleries, while Tom finds an American-themed bar that is showing baseball. Sarah’s old flame Peter (Christian Kane) turns up at their Italian hotel and complicates matters further.

The slapstick is slightly forced, but there is sweetness to the characters. The two lead actors show good chemistry, although Brittany Murphy could have raised more hell. She is a bright star, though, and will surely be in demand for greater roles. There probably aren’t enough jokes in the quarrelling to liven up the film. It tells a little in terms of young people and marriage, as people can’t believe Tom and Sarah are married and travelling as they are around Europe. The best thing about the film is the breathtaking European scenery.

For the most part, “Just Married” is harmless fun, something along the lines of the National Lampoon Vacation movies and, with an attractive actress as Brittany Murphy making a good impression, is sure to get a few laughs.