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:: Kevin

British comedian Harry Enfield has enjoyed life with his top rating television shows, in particular “Harry Enfield & Chums”. Known for his character impersonations, he decided to bring two of them, Kevin and Perry, to the big screen. Duly appropriate for the teenage audience, here are two luckless lads who are desperate for a shag and to become superstar DJs. Harry plays the horribly sex-mad Kevin, while Kathy Burke has her breasts strapped down (quite a feat and quite uncomfortable) to play Perry, his friend. These are two characters that have developed through the British television series over the past six years.

Kevin whinges and whines his way through a dysfunctional relationship with his parents, but he doesn’t rebel. He and Perry realise an opportunity exists, during the summer holidays, to seize their place on the resort of Ibiza. This is the place where DJs reign supreme and where girls will virtually shag anyone – even two lazy, uncool lads as Kevin and Perry. There is some opposition from Kevin’s parents (James Fleet & Louise Rix), due to his behaviour and his bad school results. However, a compromise is made whereby his parents book the holiday for the family and Perry. The boys, after initial consternation at this idea, then set out with top gear and many condoms. The closest they had ever come to sex was to buy porn magazines. 

The story is a typical British perspective on the Ibiza culture. It pokes fun unashamedly. Throughout the film, we are witnesses to some gross actions, involving excrement, snot, acne and exaggerated erections. Ibiza does something abnormal to certain types though. The parents rejuvenate their sex life to major proportions, much to the chagrin of Kevin. He and Perry run into their loutish DJ idol Eyeball Paul (Rhys Ifans), who is so named because he pours vodka into his eye. He looks a menacing egomaniac, and the lads seek his approval of their tape. They had recorded a song “All I Want To Do Is Do It”. Eyeball Paul takes advantage of their fan worship. 

The script is appropriately humiliating at the right times amid the odd revolting visual. This film could be considered utter smut, but it’s extremely funny in parts. The scenes between Kevin, Perry and the girls of their dreams, Candice (Laura Fraser) and Gemma (Tabitha Wady) are very amusing. The acting performances are clever. Kathy Burke’s effort in portraying Perry, with obvious discomfort, is most noteworthy. Harry Enfield presents a scattering of clever jokes and cultured edge to make an admirable transition of five-minute TV sketches into a full-length production. It’s worth enjoying the pleasuredome that Ibiza provides, together with the invigorating soundtrack and stupidly funny sight gags.