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:: Kissing Jessica Stein

This is the adaptation of a play that ran off-off Broadway It is the story of two women who decide to explore crossing-over sexually for all the wrong reasons. Jessica because she hasn’t had a date in a year, her brother is getting married and all her past dates have been nightmares and Helen because she has so many different lovers but none who really interest her and she is bored. But it becomes much more than that. In a world devoid of meaningful relationships Jessica and Helen find something true and deep and it manages to change their lives and perhaps find happiness.

This film is absolutely charming and the performances are fabulous. It is incredibly refreshing to see new faces in Hollywood, apparently the two actors had to fight to keep these roles they had written. New York looks great and the soundtrack is terrific. It is successful contemporary love story. The characters are very well written and the description of dating in New York both very amusing and believable. It shows that great female roles can drive a film and that if more women get out there and write them we will find are truer portrayal of their stories and needs. I really enjoyed this film and left the film smiling.