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:: Legally Blonde

The long awaited release was marked on the calendar - naturally it coincided with National Blonde Day, although the words ‘natural’ and ‘blonde’ should rarely be used in the same breath. The break between Legally Blonde and Bridget Jones had led to ‘empowered 2000 girlie flick’ withdrawal. I was ready for the full feel good experience; I put myself in the well-manicured hands of Elle Woods played by the delightful Reese Witherspoon.

This Cinderella story started well with a surprise ‘dumping’ instead of the anticipated proposal and handing over of The Rock by beau Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis). Elle being too blonde and not serious enough Warner explains.

If I’m gonna be a Senator by the time I’m 30, I need to stop dicking around.

But this is one Blonde who doesn’t take things lying down, or at least not for long. Elle, inspired by the social page snaps of Warner’s brother and new wife read whilst waiting for the cure-all manicure realizes what she must do to get her man back – go to Harvard Law School.

Following is the making of the new Elle Woods and the making of the most fabulous entry video for the law school, I am sure colleges in US will now be flooded with copy-cat Elle’s. She is “Cinderella’d” from the inside out, learning that there is more to life than fashion although this should never be neglected and that she has a lot to offer to the world.

The cast are all very polished and Reese Witherspoon reinforces her status as a fine comedienne but the film unfortunately falls into the American trap of putting higher learning on a pedestal. The idea of breaking the mould was a good one and I think a little bit of editing especially in the graduation speech by Elle could have saved the audience some squirming. Her lack of conforming was what made her adventure funny in the last scene she became like everyone else!

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