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:: Life As A House

A man who makes models for an architect is compelled to rebuild his decrepit house in an upper class beach district, when fired from his job. Although he held a desk job for twenty-five years he uses labour and building knowledge to teach his son and neighbours a grounding life lesson. The Life Of A House features a teen punk and routine drug taker son to clean up his image when staying the summer with his father and young female neighbour.

Kelvin Kline plays the man in mid life crisis. Aging and living alone George is disliked by his neighbours and not respected by his family. His quest to rebuild his house lends him respect from his friends and family. His newly developed down to earth character may be compared to richer and less hugging new husband of wife Kirsten Scott Thomas.

Hayden Christenson plays a version of youth cleaned up by his father. He wears makeup, listens to Marilyn Manson and has pierced his chin. Lifestyle includes a regime of drugs from marijuana, to butane and pills with money earnt via prostitution. He stays with his mother and stepfamily. The Life Of A House trains him to develop a relationship with his father and the girl living next door.

This is a tidily sewn storyline with redemption from all bad characters. An inspiration to the male white-collar worker to put their hands to the dream of building their own house.
Look out for labrets, pimp and mother’s boyfriend.

Screening on general release including Rivoli Cinemas and Dendy Brighton