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:: Lost In La Mancha

Lost in La Mancha attempts uncharted territory of a documentary based around the making of a film that was just not meant to be. The film looks at the creation of Terry Gilliam’s adaptation of ‘Don Quixote’, a film which has had a massive ten years of development and leaves two previous failed attempts in its wake.

Gilliam achieved the remarkable task of financing the $32 million budget for the film entirely in Europe, in order to free him from the creative restrictions laid down by Hollywood. The making of the film is plagued with disaster, including horrendous flash floods destroying the sets, the lead actor falling seriously ill and evident mixed emotions displayed by all involved in the film.

The film is a unique look at what goes on behind the scenes during the making of a film and shows a side that most people would be unfamiliar with.

Lost in La Mancha shows the harsher realities of the seemingly ‘glamorous’ film industry and genuinely portrays how sometimes incredible vision and determination are just not enough to make a cinematic dream come to reality.