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:: Mr Accident

Yahoo Serious returns to the big screen for the first time since 1993 and places the emphasis in this film on spontaneity and slapstick. He directed, produced, wrote and stars in “Mr Accident”. And he still has that trademark red hair. Physical humour is the aspect that sets Yahoo apart from most other comics in this country, in parodying the accident-prone style of a Maxwell Smart, or the shenanigans and facial expressions of a Jerry Lewis. Yahoo’s style is something you need to observe carefully and it’s an acquired taste. This effort may be criticised, but its worth noting Yahoo’s ability to innovate and create something out of nothing.
He creates Roger Crumpkin, a blundering maintenance worker (of all things) at a big egg factory, run by Kelvin Chevalier (Garry McDonald). Kelvin is forced from control by evil-tinged brother Duxton Chevalier (David Field) who doesn’t tolerate Roger’s behaviour as much. Things change dramatically when Duxton’s girlfriend Sunday Valentine (Helen Dallimore) steps into Roger’s life (accidentally). When we learn that Sunday has a notion of Earth versus aliens, and the weird things surrounding that, it seems that Roger has found a true love.
It’s an interesting exercise to “take in” the film’s themes and style. The “banging heads against door” sight humour is something that always appeals. This is a very positive aspect of the film. Yahoo sets up some clever sequences although one must wonder whether the audience will react. The film will be limited to those who enjoy a laugh in interpreting some farcical situations. But Yahoo’s talent and unorthodox creativity remains. Some of the dialogue and characterisation just miss the boat at times, despite the effort put into the stunt work and physical nature. However, Yahoo has had the spirit and adventure to try something different and he should be commended. Who would have dreamt of turning the Sydney Opera House into a giant egg factory? It must be seen to be believed!
Then there is the touch on the environment. The idea of the egg factory boss “infecting” eggs with nicotine shows the environmental concerns that society faces today. Yahoo brings the situation into spotlight here.
A talented cast has been assembled including notorious tough-guy actor David Field (“Two Hands”, “Chopper”, and “Black Rock” amongst many roles) who demonstrates his acting prowess again with aplomb. He gives a versatile, unnerving performance. Helen Dallimore is a revelation in her brave performance as Sunday Valentine. It’s the first time I have seen her perform. She has been well known in theatre circles. She portrays the difficult character with a growing charm. Her capabilities in the “vocal requirements” of the role are excellent.
You can point to “Mr Accident” asserting its place as a screwball film of kind; cleverer than it first suggests upon viewing. It’s worth admiring Yahoo’s place in comedy. He dares not to stand still and shows an enthusiasm and hands-on approach to behold.