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:: Say It Isn't So

Say It Isn‘t So is a classic boy meets girl, bay falls in love, boy loses girl, but with the twisted comic genius of the Farrelly brothers. Heather Graham (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me) plays Jo Wingfield a pretty, dumb but down to earth, hairdresser. Chris Klein (American Pie) is angelic, sweet and humane as the animal shelter employee, Gilly Noble who falls in love with Jo as soon as he sets eyes on her. The first time they meet she accidentally cuts some of his ear off during a haircut. Despite this a passionate, physical romance develops until a sleazy private detective, that Gilly has hired to find his birth mother, announces that Valdine Wingfield, Jo's mother, is his birth mother. Sally Fields plays Valdine, Jo's foul-mouthed, no fashion sense mother rendering the couple siblings. The shock sends Jo into a tailspin and she relocates to Beaver, Oregon to rekindle her previous relationship with good-looking, but evil, millionaire Jack Mitchelson. Gilly is left to live a pitiful life full of ribbing with persistent and embarrassing incest jokes from the whole community, such as 'sister slammer’ gratified across his car.

Sally Fields is unusually cast in this film, but she shows us she's got what it take's to be a vindictive, scheming piece of white trash. It’s great to see her choosing a role that’s gutsy, but cheeky. Richard Jenkins plays Valdine’s grumpy husband. He is a wheel chair ridden stroke victim, who talks eerily through a vocolator and dribbles a lot. Valdine calls him R2D2. He is a Farrelly veteran, having had roles in all four of their films.

Some time later in the ultimate case of mistaken identity, the detective Gilly has hired realises he has made a mistake and Valdine is not Gilly's birth mother. Gilly goes to Oregon to win Jo's love back. Orlando Jones comically plays the legless bush pilot war veteran, Dig McCaffey, who befriends Gilly. Dig is instrumental in helping ward off Jo's evil fiancé Jack and convincing her that they are not siblings to win back her love.

The script is full of Farrellyesque gags. If you loved “Something About Mary” or “Dumber and Dumber”, then this movie is right up you alley. One of the biggest sight gags is where Gilly gets his whole arm caught up the backside of a cow, has difficulty extricating his arm and ends up walking down the main street of Beaver, cow intact. Gilly is set up as a sexual deviant by a scheming Valdine and his arrest by Beaver police finds him locked up wearing a new form of law enforcement weaponry, “The Disabler', a male chastity belt complete with a metal cup, leather straps and a padlock. Poor Gilly, he's only ever trying to do the right thing.

J.B. Rodgers does a great job of directing his first feature here. He has worked with the Farrelly's as Assistant Director on each of the Farrelly's four features. This movie begs you not to take things too seriously. It’s meant to be a bit crass, a bit ridiculous. It’s fun, silly and pure entertainment.