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:: Sexy Beast

Cockney British accents set against the beauty of the Spanish Costa, Sexy Beast is Jonathon Glazer’s ‘adult love story’ about the English gangster world. Sexy Beast is Gal (Ray Winstone), a 50+ English ex convict living his retirement poolside in ‘speedos’ alongside wife and houseboy. Gal is fat from a life of relaxation and drinking. While he wears his gold chain and dines with other retired friends, he is not too far away from his criminal past. His life as an unknown rich married man in a new country is interrupted when Don (Ben Kingsley) travels to the Spanish villa to collect him for one last job.

While the movie has been described as a love story it does not take too soppy. The use of sex is a main theme. In this world of men, the sodomy of business transactions may only be put into perspective against the heterosexual love of man and wife. The men who have all served jail time are familiar with homosexual sex, but are not seen as gay. While one character may have taken anal sex willingly, he repays the lover by ripping off his bank, and murdering him. Just as the banker had partaken in nights of orgy, these are rich men with sex toys. Gal is partnered to a sexy aging x porn star Deedee. His life is complete with the young Spanish boy who helps out around the house. His best friend Aitch has an attractive partner Jackie, who is in the middle of concerns as she had slept with Don in the past. In monologues by Don about his affair with Jackie she is described as the whore. Similar insults about Deedee’s past time as a porn actress are meant to place the females in a distrusting category, but Gal and Aitch defend them. While Jackie and Deedee are loved, they are ornaments in the harsher criminal game, designed to clothes shop, drink champagne and laugh at jokes, and not to answer the phone.

Jonathon Glazer directed clips for Radiohead, Massive Attack, and Nick Cave as well as award winning Virtual Insanity for Jamiroquai. His work in advertising had won awards and been recognised enough for the confidence of producer Jeremy Thomas. As a filmmaker Glazer’s product is the main character Gal displayed in full body honesty as unlikable and repulsive, in a comedy that distances the audience. The story development brings us to understanding and closeness.

The script written by Louis Mellis and David Scrinto serves many powerful lines based on their delivery through cockney voice. Important to the storyline is conversation, the live gaiety of relaxation at the villa, and the tense conversations between men, as well as the relay of information through stories of Don and Gal. In the flashback scenes visuals are used to display the real, and how it differs from the heard words. In one instance, a fast forward time delay edit was used to parody the event as seen in Romeo and Juliet.

If the viewer was unaware of the English gangster world they can expect a cool film stylised like Pulp Fiction to disco music with the reality of fat bulges. Look out for jewellery, dying words and near death experiences