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:: Silent Partner

“Silent Partner” is the second feature of Director/Producer Alkinos Tsilimidos. The first, Everynight…Everynight, was a raw interpretation of Ray Mooney’s play of the same title about the violence in Australia’s prisons. Originally a play by Daniel Keene, Silent Partner is the story of Bill and John, a couple of Aussie mates down on their luck who are given the chance to pursue a dream. The dream – to own a winning greyhound and be transported to a life of comfort.

This is very much a two-hander, performed by Syd Brisbane and David Field and was filmed over a week on tight budget and with a skeleton crew. The result is a documentary style view into the worlds and dreams of Bill and John and an unveiling of the struggle experienced by the many whom are otherwise ignored. The one diversion from this ‘reality’ filming is the treatment of the contact with the villain – Alex Silver. Here we are transported into a surreal landscape and we are left with a representation of the Alex Silver in everyone’s life.

The script is not wholly successful in its interpretation reminding us that this was originally a play. The performances are great and it is refreshing to see Australian society without the ‘quirky’ glasses. An added pleasure is the soundtrack, which includes original music by Paul Kelly.