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:: The Banger Sisters

Suzette and Vinnie are the Banger Sisters, or at least they were in the sixties. In the golden age of rock these girls were to be found hanging of the arm or some other appendage of just about every rock star around. Frank Zappa named them and rock cock picture gallery is their history book. But 20 years have passed and Vinnie now Lavinia is a respectable mother and wife. She fills her days with tasks and charity events. Suzette hasn’t changed much except for her cup size B to DD. Losing her job she flees to her old friend for help, picking up Harry (Rush) an obsessive writer along the way.

When Suzette rolls up outside the beautifully manicured lawns of Vinnie’s new life she can’t get out of the car. But when Vinnie’s oldest daughter collapses outside Harry’s hotel room where Suzette has crashed she takes her in and nurses her through a bad pill trip. The next morning she drops her home and finds her old friend who confronts her with a garden pick. When she realises that her intruder is Suzette she tries to pay her to stay away. Suzette leaves offended and heads back to Harry who is now smitten and has drawn her a bath. Vinnie arrives to apologise and this begins the now explosive new relationship between past and future.

Hawn and Sarandon give very funny and skilled performances, their experience is obvious and it is always refreshing to have a film led by women. Rush plays the depressive and obsessive writer to a tee and helps us to understand how he and Suzette can end up together.

This is polished film with polished performances, unfortunately it spirals into cliché and a syrupy speech at the end is hard to swallow.

Screening on general release.