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:: The Bourne Identity

Fished from the ocean by the crew of an Italian boat is a man without a memory (Matt Damon). With two bullets in his back and encapsulated bank details stitched into his hip; he possesses linguistic skills, superior fighting abilities, and an acute perception of his surroundings.

When the boat docks he follows his only clue-the bank details. His personal vault seems to hold the answers with an American passport and French ID ‘I am Jason Bourne’ But is he? When he lifts the first level a dozen more passports and identities exist, cash in numerous currencies and a pistol. Completely freaked out he empties the contents into a bank bag, leaving the gun, and starts running both to find answers, and because he is being pursued.

The plot untangles quite quickly for the viewer, as we are privy to the world of his pursuers. We know pretty much straight away that he is some kind of American government agent who was on a mission that was aborted. But we uncover what kind of agent, and why the mission failed, with Damon who, aided by Marie (Franka Potente), seeks to escape the assassins after him.

This is a pretty slick affair with great performances by Damon and the rest of the cast. It is greatly refreshing to have the female lead be such a strong actor. It appears that after furnishing the film with one star (Damon), the producers have taken the very welcome decision to cast by skill and not simply beauty and star status. This leads to a great ensemble production with each character adding more depth to the film.

Impressively shot in great European locations with a new twist on the chase scene and a very sexy seduction scene (there may be a new calling for Damon as a hairdresser). The only possible criticism is that by trying to fit such a complex book into two hours you end up missing some of the political intrigue and implications. Definitely worth viewing.

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