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:: The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

This is a bizarre combination of Steve Irwin’s Cable TV show and a B-grade spy spoof. Steve and wife Terri travel the outback rescuing crocs, delving through lizard poo and coming far too close to a hungry spider. Steve narrates throughout breaking the fourth wall. He is the larger than life character you all know and whatever you think you have to admire his enthusiasm and sincerity. They have a project - to relocate a croc that is distressing a farmer by eating her cows. The farmer is out to kill the croc – enter Magda Szubanski.

On the other side of the world the CIA have sent 2 agents, Bob Wheeler and Vaughan Archer to find a spy satellite that has come down somewhere in Far North Queensland. When they locate the satellite 2 adventuring spies, Steve and Terri, have already picked it up. The satellite has been swallowed by a croc – you got it, it is the same croc the Irwin’s are relocating. There is another subterfuge. Agent on the ground Jo Buckley is trying to get to the satellite before her American counterparts.

Steve is outrageous and he has a cause – conservation. His physical antics are unbelievable and sceptics may search for signs of set-ups but from all accounts most of what you see is legit. The rest of the film is unnecessary and pretty boring, the actors do a good job but you just don’t need them. Steve should be left to do his own thing, which he is pretty much with spy movie ad breaks. This being said maybe you should watch him on TV.

Screening on general release