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:: The Golden Bowl

The Golden Bowl is the story of how position and money can affect marriage and the effects of infidelity to a higher-class couple in the late eighteenth century. It is also an insight into the New World pastiche of influential people as America's bourgeois socialise with rich English and Italian. The events are based around America's first millionaire Adam Verver (Nick Nolte), a famous collector, architect and investor in American City, the new settlement across the (Adriatic). It is suggested that his private collection of artwork including Raphael and his teachers, and antique made up the first museum of New York.

Golden Bowl is a physical crystal bowel bought as a gift symbolising infidelity by the disfigurement of a disguised crack. What lies below the surface of a happy marriage and the relationships of four people is the double desire of Charlotte (Uma Thurman), and her obsession with past love Prince Amerigo (Jeremy Northam), husband of Maggie Verver her close friend. The Prince chose to marry into a rich family to save his social standing. Charlotte likewise chooses to marry into comfort and closer to Prince Amerigo, by developing a relationship with Adam Vervor father of Maggie. A certain amount of storyline points toward the strength of Charlotte's love for Prince Amerigo, and for moments of passion he returns these feelings. Equal amounts of padding with the innocence of the character of Maggie Verver (Kate Beckinsale) and the purity of marital love holds moral to the story of love. There is illustration of the personal realities of the four characters involved in the effects of the affair of Charlotte and the Prince. During her affair, Charlotte provides love and kisses to her husband and Verver, while aware of the boundaries, is thankful for a young and beautiful wife, Maggie. And there is a development of points of evidence that prove a relationship between Maggie’s husband and friend.

The strongest proof is the opinion of an antique shop assistant that sells Maggie the golden bowl as a present for her father. He had seen Charlotte and the prince together when Charlotte had originally enquired of the bowl and thought them to be a couple. The validity of the physical representation of the proof is questioned by well meaning friend Fanny Assingham (Angelica Houston) who is aware of the affair. When she is challenged to ignore the evidence, the strength of her innocence returns and the support of her character widened, as she is no longer naive. Prince Amerigo revels in the chance for passionate love with Charlotte and wholesome love for his married life. Upon ultimatum he returns home; his play life forgiven and ignored while Charlotte's mental state is questioned.

Screening at Cinema Como, Dendy Brighton, Rivoli Cinemas and Cinema Europa