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:: The Good Thief

Set in the seedy underworld of the French Riviera, Bob Montagnet (Nick Nolte) is about to gamble everything he has on a casino heist with a difference. There are to be two casino robberies staged – one genuine, one fake. Inspired by the novel Bob Le Flambeur, by Jean Pierre Melville, The Good Thief is a remake of the 1955 film also titled Bob Le Flambeur that features a complex plot full of copies and originals. The film’s hero draws his inspiration from the man who he regards as the greatest thief and copycat of all time – Pablo Picasso.

Under the watchful eye of Roger (Tcheky Karyo), a policeman who would rather save his long time opponent than arrest him, Montagnet assembles an oddball team that consists of former drug dealers, identical twins, a technical mastermind, a Bosnian girl he has saved from an uncertain future as a prostitute and a former body builder with pig tails, currently undergoing hormone treatment for a pending sex change operation. Ralph Fiennes also has a cameo as a ruthless art dealer.

Nolte is well cast as the junkie with a heart, with his undeniably gnarly appearance and gruff, occasionally unintelligible dialogue. Neil Jordan (Interview With The Vampire and The Crying Game) directs another complex and engrossing story and The Good Thief will keep you guessing to the end to see if the police (who have been tipped off about the robbery) are able to foil Montagnet’s daring and potentially perilous plan.