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:: The Lizzie McGuire Movie

New teen sensation in the making, 15-year-old Hilary Duff stars in the big screen version of the Disney cable television series “Lizzie McGuire”. “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” brings the cast together for a big screen adventure in Rome where Lizzie finds love, friendship and romance through a variety of mishaps including mistaken identity and newfound friends.

Graduating from Middle school, Lizzie and her classmates are treated for an educational school excursion holiday to Rome, with childhood friend and possible sweetheart Gordo, bitchy rival Kate, stoner classmate Ethan and animated alter ego. Leaving behind parents and bratty younger brother, her whole holiday lies in the hands of chaperone and educator Ms. Ungermeyer (hilariously played by Alex Borstein). Upon their arrival Lizzie is recognized as and confused with one half of an Italian teen pop sensation “Paolo & Isabella.” Enjoying the attention it brings and the opportunity to meet the spunky Paolo, Lizzie embraces it as well as Paolo, who uses her likeness to Isabella for his own mischievous gain.

Swept away by the glitz and glamour of being mistaken for the country’s most popular and successful singing duo, and the guy, Lizzie allows herself to be transformed into a beautiful Italian pop star goddess whilst her new best friend Kate plots exciting plans and adventures for her and Paolo to embark upon. Gordo on the other hand is not as easily convinced believing that there must be something more to this charade than suave and sophisticated and older Paolo is letting on.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, bratty brother Matt stumbles onto this hoax on his super-spy internet kit, watching over his sister and before long convinces his parents to fly on over just because he misses her. Once the folks arrive and poor Gordo has been sent packing for covering up for the love of his life, Paolo’s true colours are revealed, the jig is up. But not before Lizzie and Isabella belt out a couple of revenge tunes in front of thousands of screaming fans. Yes, Lizzie convinces us her trip of a lifetime is exactly what dreams are made of. She even sings about it too.

Based on the popular award-winning cable television show, Lizzie McGuire is to be sure hit with the tweeny (9-14) market that it targets. Assuring us that dreams come true and true friends are real and love and makeup are dreamy, yes it has all the makings of a Mary-Kate and Ashley empire.

Hilary Duff convinces us that she is a cute, “normal” 15-year-old playing a cute, “normal” 15-year-old with a recording contract and current top 20 single. Although riding this current wave of popularity with the movie and her singing career would have guaranteed her a substantial pay and popularity rise with the show, instead she has gone against the grain and decided against continuing Lizzie McGuire, citing that like all “normal” 15-year-olds, she gets bored too easily and is off to bigger and better things. Good luck to her and watch out Mary-Kate and Ashley.