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:: The Man From Elysian Fields

This is an interesting story about a struggling writer Byron Tiller (Andy Garcia) who isn’t making enough money to support his wife Dena (Julianna Margulies) and their young son. Dena provides loving support to Byron in his attempt to have his latest book published, but he can’t anyone to like it. He then meets a man called Luther Fox (Mick Jagger) whose escort service office is nearby. It’s a bit like the “sympathy for the devil” syndrome as Byron is coaxed into becoming a male escort.

Fox manages Elysian Fields, an agency that’s serves lonely, wealthy women. He is a typical enigmatic British man whose pithy words would coax pretentious Americans to do what he says. Byron’s first job is to serve the needs of Andrea Allcott (Olivia Williams), wife of an impotent, award-winning author named Tobias (James Coburn).

The film moves up another gear because of Coburn’s grand presence. In fact, Tobias teams up with Byron to write a book together and he also approves of his wife’s behaviour, just as long as she is happy – an admission that his time of fulfilling his wife’s needs is almost up. Can this arrangement prove fruitful, though?

Jagger and Coburn light up the screen with their charismatic performances. Jagger’s appearance and emotions are sublime. Coburn is terrific as the old author, offering the right blend of pathos. Garcia is a fine actor, though slightly overshadowed here.

The film seeks an interesting moral tale and makes some compromises. It still captures the excitement of creative thought processes and contains solid laughs. Through the use of intelligent adults, difficult life decisions, and being well written, The Man From Elysian Fields is most enjoyable.