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:: The Nugget

This is morality tale Aussie-style about three mates in a country town who are divinely led to the world’s biggest nugget. Loading it into the back of their Ute they plan to take it back into town and bury it in Lotto’s backyard until the work out how to get the best price.

Calculating the find at multiple millions the boys and their partners start spending up-on credit- flat screen TVs, new cars and manicures. The boys tell their boss where to stick it and plan for their life of freedom and luxury. But money corrupts and the road is about to turn. The rest of the film is about finding out what really is important in life. And the moral is…? You’ll have to see the film to find out.

Bennett has written a sweet and simple tale that is gentle and enjoyable. The trio, Bana, Curry and O’Neill work well together and there are some lovely comic moments. Max Cullen as the narrator adds an element of the surreal and is as always wonderful. Emmett, Pang and Ryan bring realistic characters to the screen and the relationships between the partners are believable.

The bush scenes looked great with filters enhancing the colours and the film is a pretty tight production. Bennett saw the film as ‘life affirming’ and the chance to have a good life. This reviewer pretty much agrees with that. It is an enjoyable watch but you probably won’t be thinking about it much later.

Screening on general release