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:: The Transporter

If you‘re the kind of person who loves their action flicks, then The Transporter has just been elevated to the top of the 'must see’ list. Starring Lock, Stock and Snatch tough guy Jason Statham, this film is loaded with elaborate action scenes, secret espionage-type missions and some utterly funny moments.

Retired from the military, Frank Martin (Jason Statham), spends his days potting around his lush coast-side villa; attending to his hotted up car and delivering anonymous packages to anonymous people. But Frank is no postal employee; in his line of work there is more to worry about. Making a rule of never knowing his clients names, never changing his deals and never opening any of his packages, Frank goes about his business in an inconspicuous manner whilst maintaining the respect of local police detective Tarconi (Francois Berleand). When Frank breaks one of his constitutional rules, however, his life goes from being under control to being in very grave danger.

Directed by Cory Yuen and starring Shu Qui, the film at times has a distinctive Asian influence offering some quirky dialogue moments and surprising fight scene sequences, as well as a keen sense of detail. Set in the south of France, the locations the characters frequent are a far cry from the sun-drenched beaches seen on postcards. Matt Schulze plays two-faced bad guy ‘Wall Street’ who through his associations with crime lord Kwai (Ric Young) makes life more than difficult for Frank. Surrounded by warehouses and shipping containers, the dank docks are where much of the action takes place, away from the morals and suspicions of outsiders.

Bond-like in the way it focuses on the life of a wealthy bachelor who ultimately tries to beat the bad guy, The Transporter does not rely on a racy on-screen relationship to bring the story home. Based on a relatively simple idea, the cast and locations bring life to Frank's state of affairs. In a part written specifically for him by renowned filmmaker Luc Besson and his co-writer Robert Mark Kamen, Jason Stratham captures the human side of his hard-edged, rule abiding character.

With everything from car chase sequences, semi-trailer road rage, eight to one fisticuffs and massive explosions, this film is sure to have your adrenaline pumping. A great first date film.

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