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:: Trojan Warrior

This time last year, a fire at Melbourne’s Planet X studios virtually destroyed the whole place, including the master tape of this film. Cinema purists may well say that, after viewing “Trojan Warrior”, there isn’t much to save. But we need to feel light and carefree when considering our forms of entertainment.

Many well-known local identities provide amusing cameo roles in the film, which is set around the underworld. Petty criminal Theo (Anthony Angel) is being chased by a crime gang, headed by Mr Big (Henry Maas) because Theo can provide evidence in court that may incriminate the Mr Big. Theo relies on his cousin Ajax (Stan Longinidis) for trust and reliance in avoiding trouble.

There are some near misses as they dash around Melbourne. The chase for Theo is pretty relentless. Along the way, we encounter some well-known Melbourne personalities, such as Jim Keays (Masters Apprentices lead singer), Mark ‘Jacko’ Jackson, Mark ‘Chopper’ Read, and ex-footballer Dermott Brereton, amongst others. In regard to Jim Keays, he had a big say in compiling the music for the film soundtrack, and it suits the energy-charged action that occurs. Melbourne is well viewed through the chase and the multicultural aspects are well turned on. We see the colourful action around Asian groceries, kebab cafes, and brothels. Of course, with the involvement of Longinidis, a former world kickboxing champion, some of his craft comes into play.

I think it’s important to see this as simply a good fun film, which shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The filmmaking may not be perfect and the screenplay lightweight, but Trojan Warrior has a nice sense of mischief and crudeness. Director Salik Silverstein makes a mockery of famous crime films of the past. Don’t worry too much about its far-fetched nature. The local filmgoers will at least get a kick out of seeing the actors involved. It’s a fun, indie film.