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:: Va Savoir

Just one of the highlights in the 2002 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival, “Va Savoir” is the latest accomplishment by renowned French director Jacques Rivette. Containing perspectives on love, relationships and desire. The film tells the tangled tale of three men and three women and their romantic misadventures in modern day Paris.

Camille (Balibar), a French actress, finds herself returning to Paris to perform in a production of the Italian play ‘As You Desire Me’. Having lived in Italy for the last three years, Camille cannot ignore the questions which remain from her former life in Paris, including those relating to her ex-lover Pierre (Bonaffe). Now involved with Ugo (Castellitto), the director of the Italian Theatre Company with which she performs, Camille realises that reuniting with Pierre is a risky but necessary action to take. Time has passed between the two, however, and the reunion causes mixed emotions not only for Camille and Pierre but also for Ugo and Sonia (Basler), Pierre's partner of two years. However, while Camille hunts down her old flame, her beau Ugo, searches for a long lost manuscript which, when found, will guarantee himself and his theatre company great fortune and success. It is during this pursuit that Ugo meets Do (Fougerolles), a beautiful young student who offers to assist in the search for the missing document. A partnership brimming with sexual energy forms between the two, much to the disgust of Do's half-brother, Arthur (Todeschini) who is embroiled in an eyebrow raising liaison with Sonia.

Both sexy and funny, the lives of these six people become desperately entangled until the entire situation is eventually brought to a highly amusing resolution. A renowned observer of life and cinema, Rivette's keen sense of fun and adventure in the direction of “Va Savoir” keeps the tale fresh and unpredictable, without compromising credibility or sensitivity.

Screening at Cinema Como and Cinema Nova