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:: Y Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother Too)

Finding themselves free for the holidays after their girlfriends take off on a trip to Europe, Tenoch and Julio are ready to let the good times roll.

The boys spend their days smoking pot and fantasising about their absent girlfriends, still unsure about the adventures the period will bring. It is at a family wedding, however, that their summer springs into life when the pair spy beautiful Luisa and through their boyish flirting attempt to coerce her into taking a trip to the beach. A married woman, Luisa resists yet, eventually takes them up on the offer, persuaded by some rather tragic reasons of her own. Not certain of their destination, the three set off through the Mexican countryside sharing life stories and philosophies along the way.

Y Tu Mama Tambien is a wickedly funny film about males and females, youth and maturity and the countless advantages and disadvantages linked to each. Loaded with raunchy moments Y Tu Mama Tambien never fails to entertain as a serious celebration of life, love and sexuality.

Screening at the Kino Cinemas, Cinema Nova, and George Cinemas