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:: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

Get Rich or Die Tryin‘ might seem like a replica of 8 Mile, as it too follows the life of a gangster/wannabe rapper who gets caught up in the wrong crowd. This film does differ slightly and is directed by the accredited Jim Sheridan of 'In America’ and ‘My Left Foot’ fame.

Loosely based on Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent)'s life, the movie centres on Marcus (Curtis Jackson) and how he spirals into a world which he never really wanted to enter and the pains which come with trying to escape. Marcus is left an orphan after his hustler mother is murdered and he is forced to live with his cousins in a crowded apartment in Queens. He essentially goes from well-off to underpriveliged in an instance and it is his love of trendy shoes and clothes, acquired courtesy of his mother's profession, which sees him dabble in the drug trade through some of her old connections to keep up his appearances. It isn't long before he becomes an entrepreneur and slots easily into the New York drug establishment getting mixed up with the wrong people.

Gang rivalry and warfare makes up much of the plot of this movie which is at times complicated to follow because of the rifts between the various gangs and their countless members. Moving away from crime becomes a priority of Marcus after he becomes reacquainted with childhood sweetheart Charlene (Joy Bryant) from whom he was estranged. With Charlene's help he tries to turn away from crime and pursue his love of rapping and hip-hop music, which he begins to succeed at. The law however catches up with him before his success does and, after a
short prison stint, his priorities seem to be back on track after he is introduced to fellow inmate Bama (Terrence Howard) who becomes his music manager.

As the movie follows Curtis Jackson's life it is difficult to see him playing anything other than himself in this movie, which is usually what you would come to expect from a rapper whose primary objective is just that,
music and not acting.

Get Rich or Die Tryin' is an interesting real life portrayal of 50 Cent's upbringing for those interested in rap culture but for the rest of us is perhaps just the cliched struggle of a black musical wannabe trying to make it out of the hood and into the spotlight.